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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Our Diagnostic follows the latest systems and machines to ensure proper checkups of every patient. All quality standards are followed to ensure credible lab reports and statistics of the patient. This Department has achieved maximum marks in NQAS(National Quality Assurance Standards) which is 98%  which is a huge accomplishment.

We have Diagnostic partners among them are Shreeji Healthcare & Diagnostic Center and Agility Diagnostics.

 Diagnostic Services are accessible 24*7 including Labs, USG and X-Rays. 

The department consists of

  • 2 CR(Computed Radiography) Systems 
  • USG(Ultrasonography) 
  •  A 2D Echo Machine
  •  Patient Calling System done by Electronic Token Display System with Speaker
  • More than 100 Digital X-rays 
  •  20 USGS occur on a daily basis. 
  • There are different rooms for Digital X-Rays and Ultrasonography.