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Blood Bank

Blood Bank

    Blood bank stores blood of different groups and does proper testing and collects samples. A blood transfusion facility is also available here. The hospital believes donating blood does not make you weak but makes you stronger than you donated for a person and saved a life which makes your blood valuable.

    The hospital facilitates Blood Bank accessible for 24*7 for patients.

     There is certain information about who can donate blood age(from 18 to 60 years),

    1. Weight(should be more than 45 kilos),
    2. Amount of hemoglobin(should be more than 12.5 grams).
    3. Some have diseases like cancer, heart ailments, diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, etc. they should restrict donating blood.
    4. Other than these, wait after abortion(6 months), after donating blood(3 months), after the operation(12 months), after typhoid(12 months), and after delivery(12 months) to donate blood.
    5. After vaccinations too, wait for 12 months before donating blood. 

    The hospital follows all hygiene regulations keeping it clean and sanitizing regularly. Maintaining silence is also strictly followed here.